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St John of God Bunbury Hospital delivers high quality cardiac and cancer services for public and private patients in the South West of Western Australia. The vision to provide the people of Bunbury and the South West with coronary and cancer services in one accessible location reduces the burden of travel to Perth placed on thousands of patients and their families every year.

The St John of God Foundation’s South West Campaign has raised over $2.2m since it began in 2012 which has assisted in the development of the Coronary Care and Comprehensive Cancer services at the South West Health Campus along with a dedicated accommodation facility for cancer patients living more than 100kms away from Bunbury.

The Campaign enables St John of God Bunbury Hospital to provide South West residents with access to the only PET CT unit in regional WA.

The facilities that were made possible by funding from the South West Campaign also allow the services of a McGrath Breast Care Nurse and a Prostate Cancer Foundation Nurse to be made available to residents of the South West. Visit www.wacancer.org.au to find out more about cancer services in the South West.

Here is a snapshot of some services provided in the last 12 twelve months:

  • More than 210 cancer patients and family members stayed in the SW Cancer Accommodation Centre in 2016/17
  • More than 4,150 treatments were provided in the St John of God Bunbury Hospital Chemotherapy Unit
  • More than 1,027 Cardiac Angiography and Angioplasty procedures were performed in 2016/17
  • More than 400 cardiac patients have received care in the Coronary Care unit during 2016/17

The target for funds raised from the 2018 Great South West Bed Race is a whopping $80,000.

To achieve this goal, and in order to enter the race, teams must raise a minimum of $2,000 for adults, $750 for junior teams and $5,000 to enter the CEO Sprint with all monies raised going to the St John of God Foundation South West Cancer and Coronary Care Campaign.

About St John of God Bunbury Hospital

St John of God Bunbury Hospital, located in the South West of Western Australia, is a leading provider of health care, and is regarded as one of the finest private hospitals outside of the metropolitan area.

With 145 beds and more than 330 highly qualified medical practitioners, our health care facility caters for a wide variety of specialty admissions including orthopaedic, ear; nose and throat, urology, general surgery, maternity, oncology, coronary care, cardiac and vascular angiography, day surgery, medical, palliative care plus a range of allied health and community-based services.