The Team

  1. A registration fee of $25 is payable per team which covers administration costs.

  2. Teams must fundraise a minimum of $2,000 for adult teams or $750 for junior teams to participate in the Bed Race and $3,000 to participate in the CEO sprint. Team sponsorship can be considered and sponsors can have naming rights of the teams, if mutually agreeable.

  3. The bed and runners must be decorated to the published theme of the year. Failure to do so leads to disqualification.

  4. Teams will be allocated space in the restricted access Bed Rest (pit lane) area where they can pitch a sun shade and their support crew can assemble.

  5. The bed and team will take part in the parade and must follow the requests at all times of the marshals and race officials.

  6. A junior team must be in school years 8 to 11 to qualify for entry.

  7. The Bed Bug (passenger) must be no younger than school Year 8 and all Bed Bugs must wear protective headgear throughout the race.

  8. All Teams to complete a Team Detail Sheet to show any change from the Original Entry Form. This is to have signed parental consent for ALL runners and Bed Bugs aged 16 or under. The Detail Sheet will be issued to teams at the start of the day and must be handed in to the Team Liaison on the day.

  9. At least one member of the team must attend the team briefing before the event.

  10. The running team (both adult and junior) will be made up of:

    • 4 runners

    • up to 4 subs

    • 1 Bed Bug (passenger)

The Bed

  1. Each team must provide

    1. A bed made to race specifications - construct your own or ask St John of God Bunbury Hospital about borrowing one of their specially made beds

    2. A bed decorated in the theme for the year

    3. An audible air horn / hooter

    4. A helmet for the Bed Bug (passenger)

  2. Beds can also be adorned with logos of sponsors (stickers etc.)

  3. The bed must have no means of mechanical propulsion.

  4. All beds must have been examined and passed by the scrutineers prior to the start of the Race.

  5. The Bed numbers must be attached to the Bed prior to the Parade and remain in place for the race. Three race numbers must be displayed, one on the front of the Bed and one on each side of the bed. It is the Bed Head’s (team captain) responsibility to ensure that these stay attached until after The Race.

  6. Each bed must:

    • Have four wheels of not more than 260mm in diameter including tyres, and a minimum tyre width of 50mm.

    • Allow a gauge of 150mm by 450mm wide to pass under the bed in the direction of travel (ie ground clearance of 150mm and the wheels must be at least 450mm apart, side to side).

    • Allow a gauge of 150mm by 1250mm long to pass under the bed at 90 degrees to the direction of travel (ie ground clearance of 150mm and the wheels must be at least 1250mm apart, front to rear).

    • Have a minimum length of 1750mm and a minimum width of 750mm.

    • Have a maximum length of 2.5m and a maximum width of 1.8m.

    • When decorated, the bed must not exceed 2 metres in width, 4 metres in length and 3 metres in height.

  7. Decorations must be removed from the bed before the start of the Race.

  1. Beds Must Keep to the left at all times unless overtaking or at request of race officials.

  2. Overtaking must be done in a safe manner.

  3. Toot the bed horn to indicate your intention to overtake.

  4. Slow down during the Marlston Hill descent and over the speed bump outside the Bunbury Recreation Ground.

  5. Obey race Marshalls directions at all times. Unsafe behaviour will lead to disqualification.

  6. Teams are permitted to sub out their whole running team at the halfway mark of the race.

  7. The Bed Bug is NOT interchangeable throughout the race. The Bed Bug must remain seated for the entire race.

  8. Riding on the bed except for the Bed Bug (passenger) is forbidden.

  9. The throwing of objects/liquids is extremely dangerous and is strictly forbidden. Failure to comply leads to disqualification.

  10. No alcohol is to be consumed by the team runners until after the race has ended. Any team found to be under the influence of alcohol will be disqualified and banned from future races.

  11. The Team must be able to complete the course within 60 minutes. Please ensure you are able to do so before the race on the day.

  12. Bed race is a family event, all members of the team and parade must conduct themselves appropriately at all times i.e. no swearing, no inappropriate gestures. The organisers reserve the right to withdraw a team at any point.

  13. Each Team must have a named Bed Head (team captain) who takes responsibility for ensuring the safety of the team during the race and the parade.